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Barrett’s Cookies + Biscuits: Raleigh Has A Sweet Tooth

barretts cookies biscuits raleigh

Barrett’s Cookie & Biscuit Bar was founded as an in-home bakery, located in Raleigh, NC. Its co-founders are two Southern girls whose go-to foods are biscuits and cookies. With compliments from everyone in their lives, Ellen (from VA) and Laurel (an NC native) decided to share their love for the Southern staples with others. Consequently, Barrett’s Cookies & Biscuits was born the spread the perfect chocolate chip cookie with Raleigh. Their goal? To create delicious cookies and buttery biscuits that taste like they came out of Grandma’s kitchen…and enjoy doing it!

Simply Southern. Baked With Love.

Ellen and Laurel are best friends and were co-workers when they began bouncing ideas off of each other about getting into the wedding industry. Ellen loved to bake cookies and grew up with a grandmother who owned a Southern-style restaurant, so biscuits came naturally.

From there, Ellen and Laurel came up with Barrett’s Cookie & Biscuit Bar. It was geared toward brides who wanted something different from cake and cupcakes. The duo quickly discovered that the wedding industry wasn’t an easy one to tap into, and the two decided to take the concept in a different direction.

Barrett’s + Michael’s = 💖

After some setbacks in the wedding industry, Ellen and Laurel stumbled upon Michael’s English Muffins in Raleigh NC. The dynamic duo began selling their cookies and biscuits at wholesale prices for resale in Michael’s. This was a defining moment for Barrett’s and launched them into the wholesale space.

The Magic Behind the Bakery

Barrett’s, bearing one of the founder’s middle name, was dreamed into reality with the intention of creating the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Ellen tinkered laboriously with the recipe until she created perfection and the others flavors followed suit. 

barretts cookies biscuits raleigh

Barrett’s prides themselves on being small and local. All dough is made fresh for each order and the finished product is sent to its destination. Currently, Barrett’s Cookies & Biscuits can be found exclusively at The Optimist Raleigh, but they have plans to move back onto the shelves at Michael’s English Muffins as life slowly begins to return to normal following COVID-19.

Giving Back to the Raleigh Community: Barrett’s Cookies & Biscuits

barretts cookies biscuits raleigh

Like most local businesses, Barrett’s Cookies & Biscuit Bar has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a way to support their local communities, Barrett’s has pledged their support to brides who have had to change their wedding plans, with a cookie bar, biscuit bar, and/or wedding favors. If any small business knows how to pull a community together in times of hardship, its Barrett’s Cookie + Biscuit Bar. 


barretts cookie biscuits raleigh
Classic CookiesPrice/Doz
Chocolate Chip$15
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip$15
Premium Cookies
Vegan Chocolate Chip$20
Oatmeal Butterscotch Bacon$20
Sweet & Salty$20
Cookies & Cream$20
Cookie Butter$20
1 dozen minimum order per cookie type.


Classic Buttermilk$15
Chocolate Chip$15
1 dozen minimum order per biscuit type
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Apparently it’s National Homemade Cookie day sooooo….

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14 thoughts on “Barrett’s Cookies + Biscuits: Raleigh Has A Sweet Tooth

  1. Wow perfect and yummy chocolate chip cookies!! I’m also curious how the oatmeal butterscotch bacon tastes, interesting flavor!

  2. Those are HUGE cookies! Like… Half a tube of cookie dough level of huge… I’m just thinking through the level of precision it would take to get those cooked right… hats off!

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