COVID-19 Quarantine Recipes

Quarantine Cocktails

COVID-19 has upended life as you know it and wrecked your daily routine. Restaurants, gyms, bars, and pretty much every business has shut down. You’re staying home indefinitely for the safety of yourself and others, but your urge to get dressed up and enjoy fancy cocktails hasn’t subsided. Here are a few quarantine cocktails that are sure to appeal to your taste buds, as well as your sense of humor.

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COVID-19 Food Quarantine

Grocery Shopping During COVID-19: Is It Safe?

“Shelter in place”, “Stay-At-Home Order”, “Social Distancing” are all terms we can’t stop hearing right now, no matter where we turn. There is so much information out there and sometimes, it can be hard to make sense of it all and make decisions based on that information. Grocery stores have been deemed an “essential business”, but can be one of the most dangerous places to be during this outbreak. We have put together this guide to help you navigate grocery shopping during COVID-19.

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