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Pride Sports Raleigh – Free Open Play Kickball

September 27 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Pride Sports USA is so proud to join the Raleigh community! Please join us on SUNDAY Sept 27th at 11AM for our welcome all FREE open play.
Come check us out, play some kickball and have fun!
All genders, all sexualities, all skill levels, all races are welcome. 20+ event.
Below is information for our league. You do not have to register to play in the free open play.
Can I come alone?
-Yes, this is a great way to make new friends!
What policies are in place regarding covid? Please click the link below to see our guidelines to keep players safe.
Can I bring friends?
-Yes! Bring anyone 20-80 years old to play and join the fun!
I never played before and don’t know the rules, is that ok?
-Yes! We strongly encourage EVERYONE of all sizes, shapes, colors and skill levels to play!
I’m straight, is that ok to play?
-100% yes! We love to have our allies involved playing by our side. We have a 0 tolerance for discrimination of any kind, so only LGBTQ+ accepting players are allowed.
I’m not signed up for the league and just want to check this out before signing up, is that ok?
-YES, that is the purpose of our Open Play events. Come check us out! Open play is free, so there’s nothing to lose.
Sundays Kickball
Location: Lions Park
Lions Park
Raleigh, NC 27604
United States
Times: 11AM-3PM. Games are 50 minutes each and will start at the bottom of the hour.
Each team will get 2 games each Sunday.
Registration Cost:
Early Bird $55 per player (Sept 10th-27th) //
Regular $65 per player (Sept 28th-30th)
Umpires: Paid Professional (NON PLAYER) officials.
Register at – PrideSportsUSA.com
Registration Information: Registration for the Fall 2020 league begins on Thursday Sept 10th, 2020!
A team is formed when 10 players register and pay within 48 hours. Each team must have 17 players minimum and 23 players max. Any team that does not have the required 17 registered players when registration closes will revert to incorporating free agents until the number reaches the minimum. We will do our best to keep groups together in the case that a minimum 17 players is not met.
Captains: If you plan on being the captain of a team, you will need to register first, as a Team Captain, create your team name and then have players register under your team name.
Team colors: The captains will play a game (trivia, rock paper scissors, etc) each season to select colors. Pride Sports USA Uniforms will be FREE for all players and they must be the teams official game uniform.
I plan to create a team: If you plan to create a team you will need to register as a team captain (see above). Then you can tell your friends to register as a team player and join your team. To become an official team, you must register 17 players.
I plan to join a team: If you already know with which team you are going to play on, you will need to register as a team player. Keep in mind that you can’t randomly join any team; captains may ask that a player be removed from their team prior to the close of registration. Captains can email info@PrideSportsUSA.com to move a player from their team but only after the captain has communicated with the player first and explained why.
I want to play but I don’t have a team: That’s fantastic! This league is about fun and making new friends. Register as a free agent, or if you have a small group of friends, create a “small group” and we will do our best to place you all together!
Sept 27th – FREE OPEN PLAY
Oct 4th – Week 1
Oct 11th – Week 2
Oct 18th – Week 3
Oct 25th – Week 4
Nov 1st – Week 5
Nov 8th – Week 6 (Playoffs/Championship)
Nov 15th – Rainout Makeup
League Format – Build your own team! Pride Sports USA welcomes all genders, sexualities, races and skill levels.
Our number one rule is to have FUN! We do not have any gender rules, as we believe all genders are equal. Have as many or as few or any gender on your team as you would like. Teams will play 2 game each week.
Sponsorship – Individual teams are not allowed sponsors. We do allow league sponsors so that everyone in the league benefits. Inquires about sponsorship can be sent to info@PrideSportsUSA.com
Divisions – Fall 2020. Registration will open with 1 division. This is subject to change based off of how many teams we get.
Divisions/Future Seasons – For the season after Fall 2020, will place teams into divisions based on how they did this season. (Example – If we get 16 teams this season, the next season, the top 8 teams (based on the standings going into the playoffs) will go into the A Division and the bottom 8 teams will go into the B Division. Your team may have to move up or down based on your placement from the season before. Your team is considered the same team if you have 8 or more of the same players from the pervious season.
Zero Tolerance Policy: Pride Sports USA has zero tolerance of any bullying or harassment of any kind and for any reason of any player, captain, referee, official, participant, sponsor, director, officer or spectator. Harassment can be verbal, physical or visual, and includes all unwelcome conduct that affects someone else. The Pride Sports USA staff has an open-door policy and welcomes you to report any conduct by any player, captain, referee, official, participant, sponsor, director, officer, or spectator that makes you feel uncomfortable. Our league managers take all allegations and reports seriously and will thoroughly investigate all claims, and if warranted, will take all appropriate action.

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