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CORRAL Riding Academy: Horses and Girls Get a Second Chance in Cary NC

I instantly fell in love with CORRAL Riding Academy in Cary NC! Their mission is to help at-risk girls in the Cary NC area by pairing them with a rescue horse. They provide opportunities to learn how to form healthy relationships, deal with difficult situations, and graduate from high school.


Note: pre-COVID photo

CORRAL has done everything possible to keep the girls, staff, horses, and volunteers safe, but so much more is needed. Volunteers are always needed, but you can give in other ways too. Donate money, host an event that benefits the CORRAL Riding Academy in Cary NC, or refer a girl are just a few ways you can support CORRAL. Find out how you can help.

How To Give Back to CORRAL Riding Academy in Cary NC For Free

Are you talented in marketing, IT, gardening, technical writing, teaching, or are you just a healthy person that can do some heavy lifting? Everyone has unique strengths and you can put those to good use at CORRAL. There are dozens of way you can volunteer. It’s ok if you aren’t a horse-person (or even a people-person), there are still jobs you can do at CORRAL Riding Academy as long as you are in the Cary NC area! See the available volunteer roles.

This is Bob. He likes to pretend he’s Fabio. Bob is my favorite. Don’t tell the other horses.


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Horses = Therapy

Working with horses is therapy for the girls AND the volunteers. The stress just melts away at the barn. If you love horses, or want to try your hand at caring for farm animals, there are many opportunities. CORRAL works with the volunteers’ abilities and schedules. You can meet the horses HERE.

If you want to work with the girls, you can do that too. They need help with getting schoolwork done, horseback riding, doing barn chores, and having positive role models.

Social distancing and masks are a must at CORRAL

Don’t Have the Time?

The struggle is real during these difficult times. If you don’t have the time or energy to help in person, they totally understand. If can give a few bucks, a hot meal, supplies, or horse treats, all donations are appreciated.

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Do you volunteer anywhere in the community? Tell us about them and we just might cover it in our next post!

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