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Dog-Eared Books: $1 Books with Delivery to Your Door

Are you bored of quarantine yet? I am! There is only so much we can do to pass the time. There are some activities that can keep you from getting stir-crazy, but none better (for me) than reading a good book. Books allow for an escape to other places, times, or imaginary worlds, and Dog-Eared Books in Raleigh, NC can help you get your hands on books without spending a fortune.

“But Sandi, I don’t like reading. It’s boring.” Now is a good time to form a new reading habit, but books can be expensive and sometimes hard to find. If reading really isn’t your thing, you likely know someone that does enjoy reading and needs an outlet. That’s where Dog-Eared Books can help.

Inexpensive and Convenient

Dog-Eared Books

Dog-Eared Books is owned and operated by two dog-loving best friends, and they want to make books available to everyone. They sell their books for $1. ONE DOLLAR! Even better, they will mail or deliver to your door. You can search their site for books or just browse. For one dollar, what do you have to lose?

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Dog-Eared Books is a two-woman operation in Raleigh, NC.  They were founded in August of 2016 (in the spare bedroom of a house) and opened their store in April 2017.  They sell books for $1 in their brick-and-mortar store and they also run an online Square Store.  During COVID-19, they are closed to the public, so they are offering same day delivery on Wake County orders placed before noon and next day delivery for orders placed after noon.  They also ship nationwide and sell apparel as well.

Dog-Eared Books
Even more appropriate nowadays

“Like all small businesses, this is a tough time for us, but our customers have been very supportive and we are very appreciative.” 

Dog-Eared Books founders, Caitlynne & Stephanie

These amazing ladies met in college and became fast friends. Caitlynne was shy and Stephanie was outgoing and their story warmly reminds me of how I met my blog partner, Stephanie. She is the extrovert to my introvert. We love their vision and mission and can’t wait until they open their doors again.

Be sure to like them on Facebook (@dogearedboooks) and Instagram (@dogearedbooksnc)!   

What was your favorite find on the Dog-Eared Books site?

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