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FREE Books During Quarantine

There are free ways to get books during this quarantine while never having to leave your house or with only a short drive or walk.

The best place to borrow a book is (obviously) your local library. Although, libraries are closed to the public during this difficult time, they are still available online and through their app.

free books during quarantine
This is my current obsession on Libby


You can use Libby to borrow e-books and audiobooks from your local public library. I love Libby audiobooks because they kept me occupied during long commutes, but now they’re a great distraction during quarantine. The best part is that they’re FREE, and that is the best price. If you have a library card, you can get Libby!

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free books during quarantine
These little houses make me smile

Free Little Library

Free book sharing is available with Free Little Libraries, and they are everywhere! You may have seen these cute, colorful houses and not even realized what they are. Any book is up for grabs and you can return it when your done or donate one of your own. I have found a wide variety, and some have a section for DVDs also. These are some of my favorites because you never know what you will find. They have a map on their website to find one near you. I found two within a mile of my house!


free books during quarantine
photo credit: Audible is a streaming service for audio books. The people at Audible have promised that while schools are closed, they are releasing a collection of stories, in 6 different languages, that kids can access instantly for free. The can be accessed on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

American Girl Weekly E-Books

free books during quarantine
photo credit: American Girl

American Girl publishing provides children the opportunity to explore places and time periods through the lives of its American Girl characters. During this time of social distancing, American Girl fans can download 3 different audio books per week by clicking here.

During these dark times, it may be hard to see light in our daily lives. Something as simple as getting free books during quarantine can allow an to escape reality and brighten spirits.

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2 thoughts on “FREE Books During Quarantine

  1. Our local libraries have opened up Hoopla to everyone, even those who don’t have a library card. It’s an awesome resource. Audible also has made some of their stories available for free at this time. I’ve shared many of these with my students.

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