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Harris Lake Park: Something for Everyone Near Raleigh NC

Harris Lake is a 680-acre state park, near Raleigh NC, that is beautifully maintained. It rest on Harris Lake (actually a reservoir in New Hill, NC) and when we say that it has something for everyone, we really mean it. It accommodates all ages and activity levels, from advanced biking, to stroller walks, to bird watching, to fishing, to doing nothing at all. Which activity level are you today?

High Energy

This can apply to adults and kids, alike. There is a beautiful playground for the kids to get their energy out while you rest comfortably. There are restrooms nearby, because it never fails that someone has to “go potty” at the playground. Nearby are open fields for tag or for the little ones to run around until they collapse. It is definitely a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the city. Doesn’t that sound delightful?

harris lake park raleigh nc
Large Playground (and clean bathrooms)

If you have some extra energy to spare, try the biking trail. It is designed to accommodate beginner to advanced bikers. If biking isn’t your thing, grab your friends for some volleyball on their sand volleyball court, or a game of Ultimate frisbee or touch football in the open fields. Speaking of Frisbee…

Harris Lake Park (near Raleigh NC) has a disc golf course! Play alone or with some buddies. The course is set at least partially in the woods so you will have a challenge. Mind the trees!

Activities abound for the water and land lovers alike. There are convenient launches for kayaks and canoes. Boats with motors must launch at a nearby area, but can freely enjoy the lake. If you are more of a dry-land person, enjoy some Geocaching. There are approved geocaches throughout the park. Be still my heart!


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Wildlife is abundant and valued at this park. Deer, turtles, and snakes can be seen if you are observant. In one visit, we saw a deer up close and helped a tiny turtle cross the road. Just a day in the life at Harris Lake Park (near Raleigh NC).

The park offers a bird watching trail for the advanced aviphile or novice observer. There are so many photo opportunities here that you could spend a whole morning taking gorgeous pictures of the park’s flora and fauna.

Drones are allowed at the park too (following FAA regulations, of course) so you can get a bird’s eye view of the park, the lake, and the wildlife, while honing your droning skills.


Take a stroll. They have paved paths for you to take a stroller or wheelchair to get the kids or great-gramps some fresh air. There are also shelters for a picnic and you can find a nice open space just about anywhere to do some cloud watching.

The lake is beautiful and makes for great fishing. Enjoy the view and listen to the sounds of the waves on spacious dock or on the banks, while you cast into the lake waters. Fishing is great at any age. It teaches patience and appreciation for the outdoors. Kids can also play with the worms. That’s always fun.

Whether you are looking for adventure, or just wanting some peace & quiet, Harris Lake Park, near Raleigh NC, has just want you need.

Have you been to Harris Lake Park? If so, leave us a comment and tell us about your experience!

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2 thoughts on “Harris Lake Park: Something for Everyone Near Raleigh NC

  1. We have never been but the next time we are in the area I’m going to check it out! This sounds like a perfect spot for my big family since there seems to be a little fun for everyone! Especially the frisbee golf! That’s so cool. Thanks!

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