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How to Get Food and Supplies During a Crisis

The shelves are looking bare. I haven’t had canned soup in 10 years, but after looking at my empty cart, I panic-bought several cans of soup. I’m not one to give into buying hysterically, but seeing all the empty shelves can make your brain glitch. Getting food and toilet paper has been an issue lately due to the widespread fear of quarantine, but here are some tips to get food and supplies during a crisis.

Shop Small

get food and supplies during a crisis

Big chain stores may have difficulty staying stocked, but some small restaurants, delis, and pizza shops sell cheese, bread, and other perishables. Ask around since many places are having trouble making ends meet and could use the extra business anyhow.

Southern Craft Butchers at Lafayette Village has curb side service. You can get any of their items from sandwiches to cuts of meat. Lunch and grocery shopping without leaving your car. Visit them HERE for hours and directions. I’ve had their sandwiches before and they are SOOOOO good!

Local restaurants are also having trouble without their indoor seating. Their loss is your gain because some are starting to do delivery and curb side ordering. Supporting your local restaurants has never been easier. Bars are also trying to stay in business by selling bottles of wine and growlers of beer, some at a discount.

Niche Wine Lounge in Holly Springs has food trucks all weekend with bottles of wine 20% off and beer 50% off, plus outdoor seating. They will also be collecting non-perishables for Holly Springs Food Cupboard. See their message below.

Food trucks are also a great option too. They allow for social distancing, easy and quick meals, and support a local business. Some are doing on-line or text ordering to keep with social distancing. Many are hurting from the lack of business, so they may also have extra perishable foods they’re trying to unload. Can’t hurt to ask.

Some of our favorite trucks are Trash Talk, Barone Meatball, Ty’s All Natural and the Wandering Moose and their sister truck Cow and Oak. E-mail us or message us on our social media for more recommendations for food trucks (We’ve tried nearly all of them).

get food and supplies in a crisis
Ty’s All Natural Southern Burger


I have started bartering with neighbors and coworkers. Today, I traded a half loaf of bread for 4 eggs. This may sound silly, but it’s an easy way to help each other. If you have a special food item that you make (like bread) or have on hand (like eggs from your chicken) or have bought in a moment of panic (like 6 gallons of milk), you can trade it for other items you need right now. Tell us about some things that you panic-bought in the comments. has stopped shipping anything that is not high-demand or medical supplies and stores are out of paper products. This can put people in a pickle, but all that toilet paper had to have gone somewhere, right? Find a Karen that bought 157 rolls of toilet paper and offer her some cheese, soap, or a precious tube of Clorox wipes in exchange.

Bartering may seem stressful and unnecessary, but it can be useful and kind of fun. Asking a neighbor for a cup of sugar in exchange for some apples sounds awkward, but in this time when we don’t know when we will have full shelves again, it can help stretch what you have. Also, see our post Meal Planning In A Crisis: A Guide For A Dwindling Pantry for more ideas.

Be creative, take care of each other, and stop panic buying! Hopefully, these tips will help you get food and supplies in a crisis. Also, wash your hands.

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