Local Gifts for Men

Local Holiday Gift Guide

Find the perfect gifts for the men in your life, all while shopping local!

Socks from Stuf N Such
Hunter Green Heist Beanie from Edge of Urge
Black Utopia Jacket from Edge of Urge
Beard Brush from Edge of Urge
Beard Balm from Edge of Urge
2020 Dumpster Fire T Shirt from House of Swank
Raleigh Acorn T Shirt from House of Swank
Lawn Order T Shirt from House of Swank
NC Beach Hoodie from House of Swank
Various Face Masks from House of Swank
Trophy Husband 12 Pack Beer from State of Beer (Trophy Brewing Company)
Trophy Husband T Shirt from State of Beer
All Y’all Slate Blue Bandana from Edge of Urge
NC BBQ T Shirt from House of Swank

We hope you were able to find gifts for the men on your list from these local small businesses. Need more recommendations? Email us at Raleighinandout@gmail.com and we will help you find the perfect local gift!

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