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Models for Charity: 9th Anniversary Gala at Chatham Station

Models for Charity

About Models for Charity

Models for Charity helps support local charities with CLASS and STYLE. They have small charity events throughout the year and an anniversary event once a year. 2019’s annual event was a Black and White Gala at Chatham Station in Cary, NC. We have attended several anniversary events put on by Models for Charity and each is unique and exciting in its own right. These events highlight a local charity and are held at different venues all over the Raleigh area. The modeled clothes and accessories are exclusively from local designers, so they not only support small businesses, but you can find these outfits in your area! #shoplocalraleigh

Models for Charity
The Woman Behind the Models

The founder, Michelle Congelton Smith is a real estate agent, lawyer, entrepreneur, and she’s absolutely stunning to boot. Michelle is always  seen making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. Her and the incredible models bring life to any party. The models come from different backgrounds and have a unique style and beauty. Visit the Models for Charity website to get to know the models and for more about their upcoming events.

Models for Charity
The multi-talented Michelle Congelton Smith
Photo by Terrance Jones Photography
The 2019 Black & White Gala Charity: Triangle Family Services

The charity supported by the Gala this year was Triangle Family Services. TFS has served the Raleigh community since 1973 as a place to turn for innovative solutions for families facing crisis. The organization accomplishes its missions of “building a stronger community by strengthening the family” through its 3 core program areas: family safety, financial stability, and mental health. These programs provide data-driven solutions to the problems plaguing the community’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. In supporting TFS through the Black and White Gala this year, Models for Charity aims to give back to an organization that has served Raleigh for over 80 years.

The Venue: Chatham Station

The 2019 Gala was as F.A.N.C.Y. as ever at Chatham Station in Cary. Upon entering, there was a very flexible woman in a giant martini glass. That’s classy, right there! We mingled by the silent auction tables and wandered outside for Bond Brothers Beer and more mingling. The indoor and outdoor areas were separated by large glass doors, so you don’t have to miss a thing. Everyone was dressed in their best blacks and whites, except for us, who didn’t seem to catch onto the theme (Black and White Gala), but no one seemed to notice. Once the runway show started, everything was high energy and the cheers for the models could be heard outside.


The one word I would use to describe any Models for Charity event is “community”. Everyone may be dressed to the nines, but they’ve come to party. The guests and models are welcoming and after a few events you start to recognize some familiar faces. Models for Charity has a hard core group of followers and for good reason. The charities they support are local, so your donations go back into the community and the events are always well organized and exciting.

Models for Charity
The crowd awaiting the runway show

The atmosphere at Chatham Station was lovely. The lighting was perfect and the flow allowed for meandering, getting drinks, and finding the tasty treats being carried on trays without any bottlenecking. It’s clear why Chatham Station functions primarily as a wedding venue.

The Food

The food (because what’s a good party without great food?) included bites from Flying Biscuit Cafe. We could have eaten our weight in bacon wrapped asparagus and shrimp and grits. I regret not having tried them sooner. Plus, there were other amazing snacks and dishes on floating trays that we sniffed out in no time.

Models for Charity
Desserts were plentiful and within reach

Notes from The Social Butterfly

I look forward to these Models For Charity Anniversary events every year, because it embraces everything I love in a night out. Not only do I get to dress up and drink wine, but I am supporting a cause that is near and dear to my heart. I enjoy seeing the community come together to put its best foot forward and showcase what they have to offer. This year The Bookworm and I stood behind the VIP section so we had a great view of the runway!

I would suggest buying a drink ticket package at the door, because it is the better deal if you plan on enjoying beverages throughout the night. The food was amazing and inspired me to visit Flying Biscuit Cafe in Cameron Village. The atmosphere and bites to eat are great, but my favorite part of the event is the energy I gain from the people attending. Everyone is hyped to open their wallets and support the designated charity, through silent auction bids, drink purchases, and monetary donations. People also work the room to network with like-minded individuals to find common ground. The Bookworm and I met two ladies who own their own business. We found a lot in common with them as they were best friends too!

Notes from The Bookworm

I love Models for Charity events! I put on a dress once a year and it’s for these events. The food is always amazing, the company is friendly and energetic, and the atmosphere is classy. I can be a wallflower with a glass of wine or I can grab a beer and dive into the fun. Either way, it’s a party. The best part is that I can feel good about joining a silent auction or getting an extra glass because it’s all going to a good cause. The event showcases the charity and all the good they do for the community so I feel informed and I get to know more about the amazing people that are making a difference in Raleigh and the greater area. There’s no better way to spend an evening and I support their work 100%.

Final Words: The Rating

The Bookworm gives Models for Charity gets a rating of 2.99 wine bottles out of 3. It’s not a 3 because it is a bit out of her comfort zone but she loves everything about it. The fancy clothes, the food and booze, the charities, and the talented models all make for an incredible evening. Everyone involved has a way of making you feel like you’re in the spotlight too. The Social Butterfly gives Models for Charity a rating of 3/3 wine bottles. She loves this whole scene and is a huge proponent of the charity world. She loves to drink wine anyway, but finds it a huge bonus to drink wine for a purpose!

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