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What You Need to Know for Monster Jam Raleigh NC

Car smashing, dirt jumping, noise making excitement will be at the PNC arena in Raleigh NC this year, March 7th and 8th, for Monster Jam. The 7th is an evening show and the 8th starts in the early afternoon, and there are exciting activities for the die-hard fan and the monster truck newbie, alike. I’ll walk you through the exciting activities, tips, the trucks, and where to get free parking. I have my tickets, you better get yours before they sell out. 

Tips for Monster Jam

Buy early and shop around- these tickets do go quick and ticket re-sellers range in prices.

Bring your ear protection.  What did you say?! Yes, ear protection! Get some good ones, especially for the little ones. It WILL be loud. 

Dress down- It can get dirty, especially if you are going into the pit, so don’t wear your nice shoes.  

Pricing, Pit Party, and VIP

Tickets range from $15 to over $100, depending on where you want to sit. Seating in the 100’s sections is the best for the up close and personal experience, but will cost you more. The “nose-bleeds”, the 300’s, are much cheaper but you can still see all the action. They’re monster trucks, it’s not like you won’t see them, and there are also video monitors broadcasting the show. 

The Pit Party happens before the show and is $15 per ticket. This is a steal since you get two hours to be up close and personal with the trucks, drivers, and crew. You can get autographs, take photos, and give you or your kid an amazing experience any fan will remember. I know my kid is way more interested in the trucks than anything else, so this is perfect for him. 

The VIP Post Show Meet and Greet is $40 per ticket, but it’s a more private event for the super fan. They can get autographs, photos, and a souvenir flag with autographs. 

For the right price, you could make an entire day out of Monster Jam. 

Monster Jam Raleigh NC

Meet the Trucks

Grave Digger is a classic and a crowd favorite, and to top it off, all of their trucks and drivers are AWESOME! The Monster Jam website boast about 60 different trucks and eight of them will be at the event in Raleigh NC. I’ve attached their photos so you can impress the kiddos with your monster truck knowledge.

All photos in this post are courtesy of

Parking at Monster Jam

You can pay $20 to park at the arena, with the option to prepay with your ticket for Monster Jam Raleigh NC. This may be worth it if you’re bringing a bunch of kids. Definitely don’t wait until the day of the event to get tickets. Backyard Bistro (see map) often has additional parking for a small fee and are within a quick walking distance.

If you’re okay with hoofing it for 10-15 minutes, there are FREE options. Parking at the Fair Grounds or West Gate are your best options (see map). They both use underground tunnels to cross the busy roads so you don’t have to worry about little ones and traffic. The map below shows the best places to park.

Pro Tip: West Gate is best for the Saturday evening show. DO NOT park there for the Friday evening show, because they will tow during business hours.

You can also check out other PNC transportation options HERE.

Monster Jam Raleigh NC
Free and low fee parking near PNC

The kid is excited. I’m excited, and we hope to see you there!

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