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Top Reasons to Move to the Raleigh Area

What’s so great about the Raleigh area?

Um, everything! There’s a reason that the capital of NC gets about 15 million visitors a year with more and more people moving to the area. The Raleigh area has great food, drinks, events, entertainment, sport, hiking, and the list goes on. It also borders 4 states (can’t forget Georgia) and is close to other major cities, mountains, and beaches. This is only a short list of reasons to move to Raleigh. If you need more convincing, sign up for our newsletter and see what you may have been missing.


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Location, Location…

Wake county is one of the fastest growing counties in the country because so many people are choosing to move to Raleigh. Raleigh consists of nearly half a million people with nearly 1.2 million in Wake County alone.

Raleigh is beautifully nestled between the mountains and beaches and both are within a 2 to 3 hour drive. The Blue Ridge Parkway and the Outer Banks are nearby for a day trip. Raleigh is also between New York City and Orlando with Washington, DC a small hop and a skip away, so weekend getaways along the east coast are always an option too.

Being between the humid swamps of Florida and the frozen tundra of New York, moving to Raleigh means relatively steady weather all year long. Snow is not a regular occurrence in the winters so you can leave your shovels behind. The summers average in the 80’s, the winters in the 40’s, and the springs and falls bring the most beautiful and fragrant flora and foliage.

Raleigh has less extreme weather than other parts of the state. The mountains are subject to more snow and lower temperatures than central NC. The southeast and east coast of North Carolina can be hotter and more humid. It also gets hit harder by hurricanes, tornados, and flooding. There is no place like home, in Raleigh.

The Food (and drinks)

The Raleigh area doesn’t just have food, it has great food! The diversity of cuisine alone is worth the move to Raleigh.

If you are looking for a more gourmet experience, you’ve come to the right place! Raleigh has several excellent steak houses, such as Sullivan’s in downtown Raleigh. It is a must try restaurant for any type of celebration. Even if that celebration is just called “Friday”. Our most recent gourmet find was Kō•än in Cary. Their asian cuisine was incredible, but the desserts were to die for! Check out our full review of Kō•än.

Kō•än Cary, NC: The Best Asian-Inspired Cuisine In the Triangle by Raleigh In and Out

BBQ is without a doubt the most popular in this area and it can be found in restaurants and food trucks all over. Places such as Big Mike’s in Apex, which has a both a brick-and-mortar and a food truck, and The Pit in downtown are just two of the places that we enjoy. If you want to see more about The Pit check out our review below.

Don’t even get us started on how much we love the food trucks here! They are everywhere, but there never seem to be enough. Food trucks has a special place in our heart. We even visited the Dueling Taco Trucks of Apex. Finding them is easy enough with the Street Food Finder app.

If you prefer to drink your meals, there are over 120 breweries in North Carolina and Raleigh is home to over 25 of them. From local haunts and dives to high-end cocktail bars and lounges, there is a place for anyone that wants to enjoy a drink after a long day.

The Communities

The Burbs

The Raleigh suburbs have some of the safest communities in the country. In 2021, Morrisville was voted the safest place to live in North Carolina. Also, Apex was ranked the #1 place to live in the country by Money Magazine in 2015, and is still seated in the top 10. Each town has its own personality, many having their own Farmers Markets, holiday celebrations, town events, and shopping.


Raleigh itself has amazing neighborhoods with shopping, food, and entertainment within walking distance or a short drive. Cameron Village has great shopping and food with Pullen Park nearby, which has a great little amusement park for kids, and it’s a great area for young professionals. Neighborhoods like Mordecai and Boylan Heights have a rich historic culture. Downtown Raleigh homes are even more affordable than other growing cities, including Charlotte. There are so many neighborhoods to chose from that is bound to be one that meets your needs.


If you enjoy sports, than the Raleigh area is for you! Season ticket holders and cheap-seat shoppers alike will find their favorite sport in the Raleigh area. NC State University has a huge Wolfpack following for both football and basketball. The Raleigh area also has its own world champion Ultimate Frisbee team, the Raleigh Flyers. Hockey isn’t just for the northerners because the Hurricanes are a force to be reckoned with, having won the Stanley cup in 2006. Wake Forest has its own Women’s Golf League and there is even a collegiate baseball league in Holly Springs called the Salamanders.

Move to Raleigh for the food and fun and stay for the communities and team spirit.

Moving Takes a Miracle

Let’s be real, moving sucks. It was easy enough to bribe some friends with beer and pizza to move a futon and bean bag chair in our 20’s, but nowadays, it isn’t so easy. Now that we’ve found Raleigh we don’t see a reason to ever move again, except to maybe another area of Raleigh, which we have done twice now.

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Tell us why you love to live in the Raleigh Area in the comments below.

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