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Niche Wine Lounge

A Wine Lounge To Beat Them All

First of all, you don’t need to be a wine snob to drink at Niche (pronounced “neesh”) Wine Lounge, and they have great beer selection too. Ted, the owner, can often be seen and he and the bartenders want you to enjoy what you’re drinking. They are good about giving you space if you want to enjoy your wine alone or have a closed conversation. But some people can be chatty kathys once there’s a glass of wine or two in them. Our bartender was super cool about us chatting his ear off for this blog. Thanks, Anthony!

The building is a renovated home and they kept that feel. There are couches available in separate rooms, which offers more intimate conversation and some privacy, while being super comfy. I felt like I was at home, but with my own bartender, although I had to remember to keep my feet off the coffee table (manners are appreciated because wine lounges are for adults, even immature ones like us). The bathrooms are clean and comfortable but without the fancy towels that you’re not allowed to dry your hands on. This wine lounge truly feels like home.


The Bookworm gives it 2 ½ out of 3 wine bottles. She would give it 3, but she doesn’t like live music when she just wants to chill at the bar. It’s just a personal preference and she still love this place 100%. The Social Butterfly gives Niche Wine Lounge 3 wine bottles! She loves the atmosphere, people, and the live music! She likes that there are always new faces and personalities to enjoy. Niche Wine Lounge tends to attract an older crowd (40+) than most places we go and we like it that way. There are so few wine lounges in the area and this is one of the many great places for a night out in the Raleigh area.

Niche's wine selection


The parking lot is small but there is public parking just down the street and the church and offices across the street often have cars parked there. Worse case scenario: you have to park on a side street and walk a whole 30 seconds (see map).

Niche location and nearby parking
Niche location and nearby parking

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As you would expect, there is a great variety of wines and they won’t break the bank. There is also a great selection of beer for the bar companion that is “not feeling wine” that night, and Sundays are half price beer night.

Let’s talk about FOOD! Every night out can use some grub. There is no kitchen, but you can find locally made sweet treats at the bar. Plus, there are food trucks in the parking lot on Mondays and they get some great ones! Ever heard of Cousins Maine Lobster? Local food truck festivals can have lines around the block for this truck and you can have them right outside the door. UpZscale Chef is another great truck with a rotating menu of upscale dishes that have been loyal to Niche since they began. If it’s not a food truck night, there is always My Way Tavern a few doors down. Niche has always been great about letting you call in an order to My Way Tavern, picking it up, and bringing it back to the bar.


For nights out in the Raleigh area, this place is an old favorite of ours. You know those wooden signs with sarcastic messages about alcohol being a solution, according to chemistry? Well, there is no shortage here. Plus, if you are looking for some witty repartee with your bar companion you can choose some fun stumpers from the strategically placed Trivial Pursuit cards.

 The seating here is my favorite. There are benches, tables, comfortable chairs, and couches, or you can belly-up to the bar, depending on how you and your group want to hang. Don’t arrive too late though because, if no one is in the bar, they will close up shop, so make sure it’s your first stop of the evening and not the last. Chances are, once you get there you won’t want to leave.


  • Live music on select Fridays and Saturdays

  • Food Trucks and wine specials on Mondays

  • Open Mic night on Tuesdays (mainly music but can include poetry reading and comedy)

  • Half price beer on Sundays

See Niche’s facebook page for dates and details.

Extrovert Notes

I am absolutely IN LOVE with Niche, and have been for years! Live Music Fridays are my jam! I love to sit with my glass of wine and listen to the band of the week. Niche usually books local talent, which also makes my heart happy #shoplocal! There are always people dancing and singing along, and with enough wine, I join them! While I love the lively crowd and the local music, my favorite part about Niche are the bartenders. Every time I have been, all I have to do is tell them what kind of wine I like and they come back with something amazing! I enjoy trying new wines and tasting all varietals and Niche allows me to expand my palate on a budget!

Introvert Notes

Introverts, unite! The trick to enjoying your time at Niche is knowing what type of experience you want. Monday through Thursday is more low-key with a quieter crowd, which can get rowdier on the weekends. Fridays and weekend nights can have live bands, so if you like to keep things quiet, then these nights are not for you. Overall, I’ve always felt comfortable hanging out here, whether it’s a glass or a bottle. The patrons have always been pleasant, the atmosphere is comfortable, and the staff is great! This is an excellent place to to spend your night out in the Raleigh area.

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