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Quarantine Crafts: Masking Tape Magic

Most of us have masking tape in our homes (if you don’t, stores still have it stocked or you can buy online). A few swipes and you (and the kids) can create a masterpiece with no talent required. Keep reading for some masking tape quarantine crafts.

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Sidewalk Art

What you need:

Draw out a large box on your sidewalk, stoop, or driveway. Start at one corner and start adding masking tape from edge to edge, as close or as wide as you would like. Once you are done, you can color in the spaces willy-nilly. I started this project with kids, but as they wandered off to design other creations I found myself relaxing as I colored the rest myself.

Once you remove the tape, Ta-Da! Art!

masking tape quarantine crafts

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Wall Art

masking tape quarantine crafts

What you need:

masking tape quarantine crafts

HINT: If you enjoy your crafts with a beverage (wine for me, thanks), do NOT confuse your drinking cup with the water rinsing cup.

Pro Tip: This looks best when you can do two or three canvases to place side by side. Add strips of tape across a canvas in any direction and as large or small as you would like. Paint the canvas in any colorful or monochromatic pattern that you want.

masking tape quarantine crafts

What I did was painted the canvas in random colors. Once it was dry I used tape to cover the canvas in a pattern and then painted over with white. Once the paint is completely dry, remove the tape, hang, and enjoy.

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Have you made masking tape quarantine crafts of your own? Let us see your quarantine craft pictures below in the comments.
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