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Quarantine Crafts: Toilet Paper Rolls

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You know the cardboard from the toilet paper rolls you stocked up on for this quarantine? Instead of tossing these rolls (into the recycle bin), here are a few quarantine crafts from toilet paper rolls that will turn these into works of art and keep your kids busy at the same time.

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Bird feeder

Milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, but with social distancing I’ll settle for bringing all the birds to my yard. It’s easy and you can sit outside and watch the wildlife when you’re done.

What you need:

Quarantine crafts toilet paper rolls

Pro tip: I prefer to use the paper towel roll because it’s long enough to add sticks through the bottom as a perch for the birds.

You probably made this craft in school at some point, so hopefully this will bring back some fond memories. First, poke two holes in the top for the string so you can hang it. The rest is covered in peanut butter. Spread some bird seed on a pan and roll the peanut butter covered tube in it.

Hang from just about anywhere outside and watch the birds (and probably some squirrels) enjoy the tasty treat. What a fun quarantine craft from toilet paper rolls!

Have you made toilet paper roll creations of your own? Let us see your quarantine craft pictures below in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Quarantine Crafts: Toilet Paper Rolls

    1. Oh yes! They make great rainy day activities! All the kids I have done them with have had a blast!

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