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Reborn Clothing Co: Teaching Raleigh NC to Recycle

According to a study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2013, Americans produced 254 million pounds of trash but only recycled about 30% of that. The EPA also estimates that approximately 75% of trash is recyclable. This means that about 45% of what we throw away could be recycled, but end up crowding our landfills instead. Reborn Clothing Co in Raleigh NC seeks to combat this recycle problem head on.

The Woman Behind It All

The company was created in 2017 by NC State grad, Emily Neville, on the basis of reducing the personal contributions to the problem. Reborn Clothing Co transforms premium textile waste into enduring products, ranging from scrunchies to duffel bags. Neville’s vision is that people from all lifestyles would find the idea of recycled clothing and accessories appealing and stylish.

Emily Neville, founder of Reborn Clothing Co

When Passion Meets Drive

Reborn Clothing Co, in Raleigh NC, operates under the vision “to get your clothes out of the back of your closet”, and recycle them. This is a lofty dream, so how do these planeteers make this a reality? Reborn partners with local universities and organizations to identify surplus and dead-stock textiles and reduce waste on a major scale. All of their products are made in NC manufacturing facilities, fueling the domestic economy of our home state.

To Infinity And Beyond

In April 2020, Reborn Clothing Co hit a huge milestone in partnering with their 50th university.

“This time last year, Reborn was only working with a few universities. It’s amazing to be collaborating with so many collegiate partners across the US to combat such an enormous issue. It really speaks to how important sustainability and innovation are becoming to the general public.” 

Dianna Hughes, Head of PR and Social Media at Reborn Clothing Co.

Reborn’s goal for the company is plain and simple: make the planet better. Unknown to most, the fashion and textile industries are the 2nd largest polluter in the world, creating billions of pounds of waste annually. Reborn Clothing Co strives to be a force of good and a leader in changing the way businesses think about and handle its waste. Reborn Clothing Co really does want to change the world.

Turning Raleigh Green

Reborn Clothing Co operates under the principle of sustainability. Every product they sell is created using materials that already exist (upcycling), which conserves natural resources and reduces energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Upcycled products add value to items that would otherwise be devalued due to breakdown and decay.

reborn clothing raleigh recycle
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reborn clothing raleigh recycle
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On top of a creating a more sustainable community in the Raleigh area, Reborn Clothing Co also partnered with several local businesses for the #TriangleBundleProject in May 2020. Reborn Clothing assembled a gift basket filled with goodies from Videri Chocolate FactoryCounter Culture Coffee, Fullsteam Brewery, and Murphy’s Naturals to make it safe and simple to order from home during Covid-19. Reborn Clothing Co also donated 15% of proceeds from their Collegiate Collection and the Reborn Process Graphic Tee to COVID-19 relief efforts.

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