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St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Any Type

St. Patrick’s Day is synonymous with green beer (more on that later) and drunken debauchery till the wee hours of the morning. Nothing ruins my night quicker than drunken fools slurring words, yelling, and spilling drinks on others. Let’s be honest, it’s much more fun to be the drunken fool, than to watch the drunken fool. So, how to tolerate the craziness? Three ways: (1) don’t participate, (2) kind-of participate, or (3) relish being the fool (drunken or not). No matter your preference of St. Patrick’s Day activities, we’ve got you covered.

Warning! Personal story ahead: If you’re not sure if you’re a party-er or not, go to a party and try it out. I did this last year and learned a bit about myself. I was so uncomfortable with the suffocating number of bodies around me, the lack of seating, and the line at the bar, I started busing tables just to feel in control (the struggle is real, people). The bartender gave me a free beer and I learned that I was not a St. Paddy’s Day party-goer. My friend, on the other hand, went around talking to all the patrons about the green beer combos and singing along with the band.  So, to each their own.

The Non Party-er

st. patrick's day activities

Just because you don’t want to go out and fight the crowds for your drink, doesn’t mean you can’t love this holiday in your own way. There are lots of ways to have a fun non-foolish St. Patrick’s Day. One option is to make it an early day. Catch the parade, get an authentic (or as close as you can get) Irish meal, and make it safely home before the bars fill up (which will be early, even when St. Paddy’s Day is on a week day). You could also do your celebrating on a day before or after the actual holiday.I’m a night owl, so I usually miss the Raleigh St. Patrick’s Day parade but I’m ready to roll by evening. The crowds are still more than I can handle, so I create my own St. Patrick’s Day activities. It’s good fun to have friends over and make it a St. Patty’s themed pot luck. You can get really creative with what you consider Irish-themed.  Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats, Corned Beef Nachos, and Green Mac and Cheese are some of my favorites. True story!

The Kind-Of Party-er

st. patrick's day activities

I’m getting older and haven’t been able to bounce back from a night of partying like when I was in my 20’s. So, as a home-owning adult, I like to control the party by having it at my house. You can have some snackies and a few drinks, a pot luck (or pot-of-gold luck), or an all night rager to make the neighbors cringe. Hey, it’s your party! See the non-party-er above for some cool holiday themed recipes. Another great way to impress your guests is with green beer three ways by Kegworks.

The Party-er

st. patrick's day activities

This holiday and all the St. Patrick’s Day activities were meant for you! You do you! BUT you have two rules.

  1. No drinking and driving. Use a ride share (i.e. Uber, Lyft, etc…) if you don’t have a DD.
  2. Don’t puke. It’ll be green. That’s no fun.

This is your holiday to go all out. Make it a full day and do all the things!  Catch the parade , have an authentic Irish meal, and THEN go out and party.

Here are a few of our recommendations for where to party on St. Paddy’s Day:

St. Paddy’s Day Bar Crawl

Tin Roof Raleigh

The Pour House

Cellar 55

Boxcar + Arcade

Doherty’s Irish Pub

Piper’s Tavern

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Whether you like to stay in, go out, or a little mix of both, we have your survival guide for all St. Patrick’s Day activities you can handle! Be safe and enjoy yourself.

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