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Super Bowl House Party Survival: An Introvert’s Guide

Written by Sandi (introvert)

I never really got into football growing up so, for me, Super Bowl Sunday is about three things; Eating food, million dollar commercials, and social anxiety. It’s hard to not want to be included in one the most American nights of the year, but I always dreaded the polite water-cooler conversation the next day where everyone catalogues where they were and what they did for the Super Bowl.

If you want to participate this year, you do have some options. The one that seems to come up the most and be the most stressful is a party at someone else’s house. The dreaded house party is out of my comfort zone, with people you hardly know, in a place I’m not familiar with. But never fear, I have 4 easy steps to make your night less stressful and more enjoyable.

1. Bring a companion

Sounds pretty obvious, but the best way to feel less isolated is to be less alone. I often glom onto someone else that knows someone that is having a party or coordinate with a friend that received the same Facebook invite. Be sure to choose wisely! My husband is an extrovert and will hop from group to group like the social butterfly that he is, so he’s out! My bestie is also an extrovert, but she is more likely to stick by my side since she’s more interested in the food and booze, so she’s a strong contender. Anyone that is like minded will do. Bring a sibling, or a parent even. I’ve seen people bring their dog with them to house parties (after asking the host, of course).

If you cannot find anyone that will keep you from wanting to drown yourself in the quest dip out of frustration, make a friend there. Easier said than done, I know. The trick is to put away your phone, keep moving, and practice the phrase, “Hi, I’m (insert name here). How do you know (the host(s))?” Then smile and cross your fingers.

If you need some more tips, check out 5 Tips for Introverts to Survive a Night Out HERE

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2. Bring a conversation starter

My best conversation starter is my kid. He’s a companion, a conversation starter, and a great excuse to leave by half-time. Food is also a great way to get to know people. You can move around a group offering finger food or bring a banging dish that will make people talk. Bringing alcohol is also a game winning plan. If you don’t want to arrive empty handed try these perfect party dishes.

Beer Punch by Miss in the Kitchen- 3 ingredients and alcoholic (#winning)

Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pinwheels by Sweet and Savory Meals- Easy finger food for passing around. (includes a video)

Beer Mac and Cheese by Delish- Takes some time but is a killer dish to really wow others! (includes a video)

3. Have an escape plan/set boundaries

Being social is EXHAUSTING for an introvert so know your limits. Communicate with your companion and drive separately, if needed, or plan on grabbing an Uber/Lift home. Set your limits, whatever it is. You can leave at half time, when the game is over, or after the first person ducks out for the night so you’re not the first to leave, whatever is most comfortable for you.

4. Decompress

You went outside with people and did stuff. You deserve a reward! If the people you live with know anything about you, they will understand. Tell them that you need some time to unwind and go do what makes you happy. Bubble bath, read, sit in the dark and contemplate your existence, whatever recharges you.

The best part is that next year it will be a little bit easier to survive the Super Bowl house party. You got this!

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