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The Big Easy/Voodoo Room

About The Big Easy

Music, late night entertainment, kids’ night, and secret meeting rooms are just some of the joys of The Big Easy. If that’s not enough, they have an extensive menu of New Orleans and Raleigh platters (menu here). Louisiana favorites like jambalaya and alligator (surprisingly tasty, even for the not so adventurous!) alongside awesome burgers and ribs, so everyone can have what they want. Kids eat FREE every Monday. For the adults only, the cocktail menu includes a Big Easy New Orleans hurricane, a bourbon and ginger cocktail, and a drink called a Pineapple Dragon Flower. I’ll take one of each, please! There are dozens of cocktails and a wide selection of beer, wine, and liquor straight-up. 


The Big Easy restaurant is a two-story, open concept with a full bar on each floor. The lighting is low and peaceful with lots of southern hospitality. We felt welcomed and not at all rushed. We were able to sip our drinks and chit chat over our crispy gator and creamy pecan dessert. The sweet, the savory, and the alcohol will have us coming back again and again for girls’ night, date night, late night, and let’s party-till-we-drop nights. 

Voodoo Room and Hidden Delights

The Voodoo Room (click the link for pics. So cool!) was a special party space for the owner that they opened up to private parties at a reasonable price. The Voodoo Room is secreted away in an unmarked part of the building (you won’t hear it’s secret location from me). It can be rented for private parties with no party crashers and complete privacy. We got to feel SO COOL and it’s fun being invited in on the secret! The vibe is speakeasy meets vintage gypsy. The space offers a hidden door for private delivery of food and your own private bar. Comfortable seating, a dance floor, and a music system that will hook up to your own music is only part of its appeal. 

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Upcoming Events

Mardi Gras 2020 is coming soon! There is a Masquerade Ball Charity Event, Mardi Gras Party for adults and Mardi Gras day for the kids, and FAT TUESDAY! Check out their calendar of events here.

The Big Easy offers something nearly every night. If you’re not ready for Monday, start your week off right with Karaoke Sundays. Singing starts at 9pm. The bar does not have enough “courage” to get Sandi on stage, but we’ll still toast to the confident extroverts singing the night away. Wednesdays have Team Trivia and to celebrate the end of the week there is the Friday Night Dance Party.

The bands are local and play each Friday and Saturday night. Where some places have live music during dinner time and into the evening, The Big Easy is rocking until the early morning. 

First Fridays feature local artists and rotating installations. Check out their site for upcoming artists. 


As with all things in downtown Raleigh, street parking sucks. Most people, especially the more easily anxious, do not like trying to search for a spot down 15 different streets, see a spot and realize there’s a fire hydrant, debate parking in front of it anyway before moving on, losing 20 minutes of your life only to find a spot and remember that you suck at parallel parking. Lucky for us, there’s Wilmington Street Parking Garage at 122 S. Blount Street, a mere three blocks away. Still too far to walk in the rain or in your heels? Get an Uber or Lift for a couple bucks and make it someone else’s problem. The parking is FREE Monday through Thursday from 7pm-7am, and only $5 on Friday and Saturday nights. 

Notes from The Social Butterfly

The Big Easy has great food and an even better atmosphere. There is plenty of room at the bar to grab a stool and strike up a conversation. There are also tables for groups to sit and bask in the Cajun vibes. The Big Easy is decorated so ornately that it made me feel like I was stepping off the streets of Raleigh and into the French Quarter.

Because of the Louisiana-charged atmosphere and bites to eat, along with the extensive drink options, I give The Big Easy 3 wine bottles.

Notes from The Bookworm

The Voodoo Room is, without a doubt, my favorite aspect of this place. It’s delightfully creepy and completely private. As an introvert, I don’t want to share my close friends with the general public if I can squirrel them away in a room that has all the comforts of a foodie alcoholic with vintage-chic taste in decor. The food and cocktails are a close second. I always enjoy a place that has something for every mood; There’s casual dining, rock-all-night-long events, and multiple bars to belly up to for a quick drink or a long conversation. 

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